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McFarlin Insurance Agency Blog: surety bonds

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Surety bonds are one of the best tools businesses have for protecting their clients and safeguarding the outcome of projects. They can help to encourage your would-be clients to take on a project with you. They can be one of the best ways to convince lenders as well as government agencies to allow a project to go forward. READ MORE >>

For many companies, the investment in surety bonds is an essential one. These bonds help to provide protection for all involved. It ensures that the contract is completed in the event that the contractor (you) defaults on your promises. READ MORE >>

Your mother passed away intestate, or in other words, without leaving a will. Had she left one, she would have designated someone as executor of her estate. As it stands, someone had to stand up and take responsibility for seeing to it that her estate is distributed equitably among her apparent heirs. READ MORE >>

Bonding your business is a promise to your customer that the job will get done as promised, therefore adding credibility to your name. Surety bonds come in a variety of forms to match the unique needs of your industry, particularly construction and financial. READ MORE >>

Businesses that are licensed and bonded are generally known as more trusted resources. But what does it mean to be bonded? Bonds, in the simplest sense, are guarantees that the job will get done satisfactorily. READ MORE >>

A surety bond is a legal, three-way contract where an investor (surety) agrees to pay an obligee a specified monetary amount in case the principal (obligor) fails to satisfy their contractual obligations. In today’s increasingly competitive market, construction bonds protect the interested parties from the various risks involved in daily business operations. READ MORE >>

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