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Group health plans insure multiple parties on one policy. As a result, your employer often provides your health insurance through group coverage. Because these are group plans, you might have the opportunity to add members of you own family to the plan as well. Often, group plans can help everyone in your family get coverage. READ MORE >>

Investing in health insurance may be a requirement for many people. Doing so helps to provide you with important coverage for most medical needs. Finding the right policy, though, can seem like a challenge. For most individuals, it is best to work closely with a health insurance agent to get the right coverage. READ MORE >>

As you get older, you’ll need to be more proactive in your health care. It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor about the screenings and tests that you need to help ensure you are healthy. For many people, cancer is a big concern. It tends to be more likely in people that have a family history of it, but it can occur to anyone and at any age. READ MORE >>

You've heard a lot about vaccines and whether or not they are a good thing. What you may not realize is that those children who are unvaccinated are more likely to become seriously ill as a result. There are many reasons to vaccinate your child. READ MORE >>

Are you thinking of losing weight so that you can enjoy better health and quality of life? Is your doctor suggesting you get in better shape to avoid long-term medications and higher medical expenses? Even ten extra pounds can have an impact on your overall health and lead to higher healthcare costs. READ MORE >>

If you've ever had a sore throat with fever, headaches, body aches, runny nose, chills, fatigue and nausea, then you know what it's like to get the flu. The flu isn't always accompanied by every one of these symptoms, but it will include many of them. READ MORE >>

A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce. How? Healthy individuals spend less time visiting doctors and they often have more stamina with which to complete their work. Not to mention, healthy people generally have less stress and more confidence than their ill counterparts. READ MORE >>

There are Tax Credits for businesses who cover more than 50% of the employee’s portion of health insurance.  If the  average wage of the non-owner employees is below $50,000 and for fewer than 25 employees, there is a potential of getting this tax credit.  Please read the IRS link below for more details. READ MORE >>

Behind every successful business, you will find a dedicated workforce. When employees feel valued, they reward you with loyalty and productiveness. One way to show employees that they matter is to provide insurance coverage. It goes back to the timeless adage that taking care of people means they will take care of you — and your business. READ MORE >>

PPACA Aka: ACA or Obamacare Patient Protection and “Affordable” Care Act Overview- Passed March 23, 2010 and affirmed by Supreme Court June 28, 2012.  This law creates many provisions to regulate the insurance companies, employers, and individuals for the purpose to ensure everyone has affordable health insurance. READ MORE >>

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