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The simple answer – because you have a smart phone and because you and your business operate online.  The more detailed answer? Cyber liability policies apply to any individual or entity (LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, etc.) that holds or handles Personally Identifiable Information (PII). READ MORE >>

Most insurance agents and advisers will be both trustworthy and ethical, and will deliver an excellent service to those seeking high end commercial insurance. That being said, there remains a small but growing minority that will attempt to defraud you by providing bogus advice and a fraudulent service. READ MORE >>

Health insurance is one of the many employee benefits packages that employers can create for their staff.  It is imperative for human resource managers to understand the fact that motivated employees are naturally more productive than their less motivated counterparts. READ MORE >>

Many employers are recognizing that the key to maintaining a productive workplace is to invest in a good health insurance plan. In doing so, relations with employees are improved significantly. However, having a company's insurance plan that pleases employees can be costly to a business. READ MORE >>

As a business owner it is important to understand the legal rights of employees when it pertains to workers compensation rights. Although workers compensation laws may vary from state to state, it is essential that any business that has employees carry workers compensation insurance. READ MORE >>

PPACA Aka: ACA or Obamacare Patient Protection and “Affordable” Care Act Overview- Passed March 23, 2010 and affirmed by Supreme Court June 28, 2012.  This law creates many provisions to regulate the insurance companies, employers, and individuals for the purpose to ensure everyone has affordable health insurance. READ MORE >>

1099 contractors need insurance in order to protect their business. In addition to this, certain specific jobs they may wish to bid on have a prerequisite of insurance coverage of different kinds. Some jobs are so rigid about these rules to such an extent that the contractor is not allowed to bid on the projects unless they have the specified coverage. READ MORE >>

Roofing is a very risky task. Since roofers work on the tops of buildings, even a small accident may result in serious or fatal injuries. Thus, roofers and roofing companies need to get the appropriate roofer’s insurance to protect themselves against unexpected accidents during work. READ MORE >>

Some business owners are under the assumption that commercial property insurance will cover all property belonging to their business – unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Commercial property insurance will not cover things like equipment breakdown and that will create a benefits gap as well as a loss of business most companies can’t afford. READ MORE >>

The concept of mitigating potential damages to property seems like it's about as old as time. There is evidence that dating as far back as 3000 BC risks of the loss of ship borne cargo were mitigated – not by a policy – but by splitting up shipments through several different vessels so that if one was damaged, the property on the others might still make it to its destination. READ MORE >>

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