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While many different life insurance policies are offered by many different insurance carriers, they all fall into two main categories: term and whole. But what’s the difference and which type is right for you? We’ve broken down the basics to give you a general understanding. READ MORE >>

Contractors who enter homes know the importance of maintaining professionalism while on others’ property. But what are the best ways to accomplish that? Below are five tips to get the job done without upsetting, offending or stepping on toes. READ MORE >>

Bonding your business is a promise to your customer that the job will get done as promised, therefore adding credibility to your name. Surety bonds come in a variety of forms to match the unique needs of your industry, particularly construction and financial. READ MORE >>

Contractors and their construction crews face some extreme worksite risks while on the job. Proper safety measures and equipment lowers this risk, but never eliminates it completely. The nature of the job is simply dangerous. However, knowing and understanding the biggest risk can help you prepare better and keep your crew safer. READ MORE >>

There are Tax Credits for businesses who cover more than 50% of the employee’s portion of health insurance.  If the  average wage of the non-owner employees is below $50,000 and for fewer than 25 employees, there is a potential of getting this tax credit.  Please read the IRS link below for more details. READ MORE >>

Businesses that are licensed and bonded are generally known as more trusted resources. But what does it mean to be bonded? Bonds, in the simplest sense, are guarantees that the job will get done satisfactorily. READ MORE >>

Commercial insurance is designed to protect businesses from the risk of financial disaster in case something unexpectedly goes wrong. However, too many business owners are unclear about the types of insurance they need. READ MORE >>

Business owners take on a little or a lot of risk, depending on the industry they're involved in and the services they provide. While some business owners go into the situation blind, they quickly learn that they need to have full insurance coverage to protect themselves from lawsuits, accidents, theft and loss. READ MORE >>

When running an establishment that sells liquor, there are a lot of legal and business-related issues to keep in mind. One that many business owners overlook or forget about is purchasing proper insurance. In order to keep your business, employees, and patrons properly protected in a place that s... READ MORE >>

A surety bond is a legal, three-way contract where an investor (surety) agrees to pay an obligee a specified monetary amount in case the principal (obligor) fails to satisfy their contractual obligations. In today’s increasingly competitive market, construction bonds protect the interested parties from the various risks involved in daily business operations. READ MORE >>

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